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When it comes to graphic design for your blog & business, do you…

• Throw together 17 fonts, 5 free photos, and clipart of a puppy. Done.

Agonize. You could write three blog posts and cook dinner in the time it takes you to make one graphic you don’t even like.

• Pay someone else to do it. Pay them extra not to talk to you about it.

Ready to make design the fun part of your business?

You have a story that you’re aching to share with an audience in need of your solutions.

But before anyone reads a blog post, follows you on Instagram, or buys your product, they’ll see your graphics. Will they click to learn more? Or scroll right past?

You’re short on time, big on ideas. You’ve got this side hustle that you’re desperate to make good on. You’ve always been creative, and you kinda thought the design part would be easier.

You know there’s got to be a better way to nail the design side of blogging and business. And that’s why you’re here.

Hi! I’m Angela. I make graphic design easy – really.

My goal is to teach you how to use design as a flashing neon light to draw attention to the fabulous and life-changing content you create in your blog and online business.

Little long for a t-shirt.

We’ll tackle graphics for blog posts & social media, irresistible opt-ins, branding, products…

ready to get started?

My Story

My path to design didn’t take what you would call a normal route. Somewhere between Asia, a teaching job, a history degree, and office work, I became a professional graphic designer! I so totally planned that.

Or not.

Actually, my life looked a little more like this:

• Get a history degree. Minor in Spanish. Think about double-majoring in high school education, but drop it. Twice.

• Get a job as a high school history teacher. In China. (Hint: Spanish doesn’t work there.)

• Move back to the States after a few years and go to work in an office, as a secretary.

Boom! Instant Graphic Designer. Works every time.

OK, I admit those dots are pretty had to connect. Here’s the behind the scenes look:

• When I studied history, I became addicted to story.

• When I traveled to China, I was challenged to find creative ways to teach.

• When I came back to the States and started working in an office, all the design jobs began finding their way to me.

• Within a few years, I was working as a dedicated graphic designer, telling story through design.

Let me teach you to tell your story through design.

The person behind the pixels

I’m a graphic designer, online business owner, and blogger. I’d be lost – today and for all time – without God’s grace and crazy love.

I’m a daughter, sister, friend, and teacher. Hot tea drinker, knitter, lover of all things cozy.

I have lived in Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, Georgia, Ohio, Italy & China. Currently in Georgia. Addicted to sweet tea.

Strangest thing I’ve eaten is scorpion on a stick. Really hard to wash down.

I get anxious if I don’t have a knitting project nearby. Or seven.

My freakish talent is making miniature dolls out of toothpicks and thread. They’re between 1 – 3” inches tall.

I have two cats: cunning Calvin and adventurous Hobbes. Both are silly.

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